Knowing CPR is a vital link in saving lives for casualities of  sudden cardiac arrest, drowning, or choking until full care can be provided in a hospital.

Course plan CPR

  • Control of consciousness and breathing
  • Alarm 112
  • Training in CPR
  • Positioning in stable, side-lying position
  • First-aid for choking victims.
  • Demonstration and practice with an AED-automated external defibrillator, Philips HS1
  • Course certificate for each participant upon completion of course.

Training manager

Visida AB

Information about the training manager

Visida has its base in Norrbotten, Sweden, but performs educational assignments all over Sweden and has both national and international partners. With a long and broad experience in occupational health care and education assignments, Visida sees that as a customer you are always satisfied with our education.

Course length

2.5 hours.

Course size

10-12 participants per course. Courses for fewer than 10 or larger than 12 are available.
It is possible to come to workplaces to perform the course.


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